Data Backup and Recovery

Data is your company's most valuable asset. But your data can unexpectedly and instantaneously be destroyed by a number of things including:

* Computer viruses and worms
* Hackers and thieves
* Hard drive crashes
* Natural disasters
* Power failures
* User error

Why Back Up Your Data?

To safeguard that important document you've been working on this week, or to be able to quickly restore it via online backup if you lose it, you need a secure and efficient data protection solution. Fortunately, CMEAC, Inc. specializes in reliable offsite data backup and disaster recovery solutions guaranteed to protect both your data and your business.

Why Choose CMEAC?

* Continuous Backup: Your data is continuously compressed and encrypted, 24 hours a day, through our automated service. Because the data is backed up as it changes, it is always protected. In addition, a historical archive of previous data versions is preserved for your use, and is always available when you need it.
* Offsite Storage: In the event that your equipment and/or office is damaged or destroyed, you will be glad your data was protected offsite in our secure data vaulting facilities using our cutting-edge security technology.
* 24/7 Protection: Professional monitoring through state-of-the-art security means you, your data, and your company are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CMEAC, Inc. also offers expert professional assistance when needed.
* Immediate Recovery: Eliminate downtime and data loss by quickly recovering your data to the point of failure. Because your data is archived in our secure, offsite data center, it is instantly available for recovery, whether you need your current, up-to-the-minute backup or an earlier version from the historical archive.
* No Extra Hardware, No Tapes, and No Hassles: Manual tape backup has proven to be exceptionally error-prone—with failure rates as high as 50%. Instead of focusing on purchasing and handling tapes, staffing for backing up procedures, and handling human error issues, let us take care of your data backup needs, giving you the opportunity to focus on your company and customers instead.

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